The Retreat • Colorado 2022

May 19th – May 22nd • 10 spots available • $1,600

Spending time with other creatives isn’t just refreshing when you’re in a creative rut, it’s also one of my favorite ways to recharge overall. And that’s what this retreat is designed to allow us all to do!

It’s the second retreat hosted by The Wandering Creative Collective. Our first one was lovely and in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, but this time we’re taking off to Colorado and spending time in the stunning Rocky Mountains!

I call this a “retreat” and not a “workshop” because we’re not just there to point our cameras at gorgeous humans (though we’ll definitely do plenty of that) – we’re also there to meet new friends, lean into self care, and have an experience that relaxes and unwinds you from the exciting and exhausting year 2021 has been!

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What’s included?

Your registration includes three nights together with the retreat cohort! During this stay, we’ll all take part in:

  • 1 City Based Elopement Styled Shoot
  • 1 Mountain Sunset Elopement Styled Shoot
  • 1 Mountain sunset engagement session that transitions into a steamy outdoor Boudoir session


You’ll also get –

Mini Session: 1 on 1 mini session with myself (Skylar <3) that will be scheduled throughout the 3 days. You get to choose between a boudoir session or headshot/lifestyle images that will be useful for your brand!

Education on: Cost of doing business, Posing, Lighting (and and off camera flash), Marketing yourself as your brand


And when we’re not learning…

We’ll spend some time hiking and sight seeing!

Meals and transportation once you get to the airbnb covered (We will likely eat out 1-2 meals)

*Alcohol is not included

What’s included?

The retreat is $1,600 total, with two payment plans available. You can choose to PAY IN FULL for a $100 discount, or, you can select an extended payment plan!



  • $400 down (NON REFUNDABLE)
  • $400 due December 1st
  • $400 due February 1st
  • $400 Final payment due April 1st

What Vendors are Attending?

The full list of event vendors will be made available closer to the retreat date! Keep an eye out for updates. 

Hair & Makeup by: Hannah Butcher (Canvas Photo)
Gowns by: Wandering Creative Collective
Property host for family and boudoir session: Sugar Hill Studios


Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question here, don’t worry! Just reach out and I’ll get you an answer as soon as possible. 

When and where is it?

Exact locations will be released 90 days before the retreat dates! We would love to be able to tell you exactly what we’re doing but we are extremely careful to have all details in place before sharing!

How experienced do you need to be to attend?

While we recommend attendees be comfortable shooting in manual, there are no restrictions for attending based on experience. ALL are welcome.

Is there a local-commuter option?

Unfortunately, no. We find the most amazing things happen when everyone remains together for the entire experience. In keeping with our vision, we encourage you to come sit with us for the whole weekend… even if it’s local!

What is included in the registration fee?

This retreat is an all-inclusive workshop. We take care of lodging, catering, class supplies, organizing a beautiful styled shoot, curating social activities, and more. Once you arrive at the door, we have you covered!

How do we get to know everyone else who is going?

Once registration for an event opens, we will begin a private online forum for guests. This gives you the chance to mingle with me (Skylar) and all other attendees.

Where will we be staying?

The Wandering Creative Retreat will always take place in a “home away from home.” An estate, mansion, or large vacation home will be provided for all guests to ensure we can all remain connected.

If we travel by air, how do we get from the airport to the venue?

If you are flying, you will be flying into Denver International Airport (DEN) . I highly recommend networking with other attendees to share an UBER, LYFT, or local car service. I will be making several posts in the group forum for everyone to connect even before we arrive!

Once we arrive, will we need a car during the weekend?

No! I will be covering all travel once you arrive to the airbnb. You are not discouraged from renting a vehicle but it is not required.

What are sleeping arrangements like?

To minimize costs, each person in the house (including my own team) will bunk with other registrants.

Can I request a bunkmate?

Of course! It is extremely common that people sign up with a friend.

What if I don't know anyone who is attending?

That’s fine! Part of going out of your comfort zone is meeting new people. We have a great way of introducing you to new best friends!

What if I don't know anyone and I don't want to share a bed?

While most beds are Queen or King, we understand you might just need your own space. Much like an airplane, you can “purchase the seat next to you” to ensure the bed is all yours.

If I upgrade, do I get my own room?

No. In our previous experience, most vacation homes provide multiple beds in a single room. As each space signifies a chance to attend, we value every opportunity we can offer to someone to travel with us.

I see meals are included. What if I have allergies or restrictions?

We take up a survey close to the event and all allergies and restrictions are taken into consideration.

Do I need to bring food?

The event is formally catered. Main meals will be taken care of, but we like to urge guests to bring any comfort items they might not have access to.

Will there be additional fees while we are there?

Ideally, no! We do our best to provide everything you need. Should there be an additional paid activity, you would have been made aware before sign up.

What gear should I bring?

We recommend bringing your go-to gear. If something specific is suggested, we will make a formal note of it before you depart.

Will I need a computer?

We typically suggest that you bring one, though this is not required.

How should I dress?

Bring a mix of comfortable clothing and things you feel stylish in. Colorado weather this time of year can vary greatly but hardly drops below 50 degrees at night or above 90 during the day! Your more casual clothes will suit educational lectures, while your dressier items will look great during social activities. Be sure to check the weather the week before you leave to ensure you pack appropriately!

Will we have time for new headshots?

There are always pockets of time carved out for headshot swaps.

Are there late fees if I don't make a payment on time?

Yes. A late fee of $20 per day applies.

What is the cancellation policy?

Laid out in full in the attendee contract, the cancellation policy states due to the nature and financial commitment of these events, participants understand their investment is non-refundable and non-transferable to another event. The attendee is responsible for the final balance or finding a replacement attendee to take over their contract.

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